CISSP Guide to pass

CISSP (Exabyt3)

Steps to pass your CISSP exam (that worked for me):

  1. Grab the CISSP books by Sybex (i have read most/all IMO these are the best) My method of reading was to rewrite in notbook(s) my own words for each page that I read (this is overkill for most)

  2. Find a video/audio series. I used Sari Greene CISSP I listened to this whenever i wasn't in front of my books (example: in the car, mowing lawn)

  3. Grab the CISSP app ios/android they are the same take the 10 question tests randomly throughout your day.

  4. Feeling good about the material? A few weeks before your test pick up (IMO) these questions are harder than the exam. For every question you get incorrect write a paragraph on the correct answer.

  5. Take the test and become a CISSP

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