CCSP Guide to pass

CCSP (Exabyt3) todo

I was one of the first 500 to become a CCSP. There were not materials for studying at the time. These steps worked for me but consider looking for audio/video and practice questions. Overall I learned some things mostly architecture and data lifecycle studying for the CCSP. I don't suggest going for the CCSP over the CISSP. Cloud architecture changes so quick that by the time I was studying some of the architecture was obsolete.

  1. Buy the official CBK published by SYBEX (same publisher as CISSP) There is the official study guide CCSP by Sybex. I don't suggest this book in some areas it contradicted the CBK.

  2. At the end of the CBK there is a website for practice tests. I thought this was OK, not as good as the CSSP.

  3. I wrote my own quizlet flashcards. I used the quizlet app on my phone and studied these when I had downtime.

  4. CCSP uses a few domains of CISSP so a refresher on CISSP domains is a good idea.

  5. Take the test!

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