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Jul 11, 2019 | nanobyte

First, I want to drop some background about me. My past is radio communications maintenance for the military (for 9 years), but wanted to work on computers (darn recruiters!). Anyways, I tried CCNA but didn’t finish module 4 about 8 years ago, and got some smaller military computer training. I got an Associates of Computer Science while I was in, and used my GI Bill to get a Bachelor’s in Cyber Security from Colorado Tech, graduating last year (I honestly don’t know how “Technical” is in there name… The classes were all papers!). I have been officially working in IT for two years, and have been interested in security for the last few. I also have a family with 3 kids, 3 dogs, and work full time. So life is always busy, and during testing I dedicated an hour or two, about 3 to 4 days a week, for 3 months to complete this.

Now, onto my study methods. Work paid for me to take the training and the exam, so they purchased the self paced iClass. This came with iLabs. What I found with the iClass was a good introduction to the basics with the videos. When it came to learning the tools in the class with the labs, I cannot say that a single one helped me in the exam (these labs are not iLabs, but go “along” with the videos, they’re more like exercises). I finished the iClass in my first 30 days, taking notes along the way. I do not think any of the class was critical, and I think I would have been able to pass the exam without this!

Because I was in the military, I have a free FedVTE account. If you were in, or worked for the government I believe, you also have access to all the free videos. In there was CEH v9, and I completed all these videos as well. I watched and listened to them while I was at work in the background, and was another good foundation.

After the iClass, I purchased Boson tests to see where I was at (first time using Boson, this was critical to my passing!). My first test, I was in the low 50’s, and was distraught! But I was determined. I took a practice method from a friend, and used the tests as a study method. Every time I answered a wrong question in study mode, or a correct answer I did not FULLY understand, I would use my 3 ring binder full of college ruled paper, and I would (in my own words) write down the correct answer, why it was correct, and why the answer I chose was incorrect (filled up FAST). Usually, this would come out to a full page of writing. This was very time consuming. What I found by doing this was I was able to quickly pick up WHY the answer was correct, understanding the meaning behind the question. Through the rest of my studying (the next two months), I did this consistently, and quickly made it into higher scores by the last two to three weeks, consistently hitting 90’s in simulation mode for Boson.

About 30 days ago I started the Matt Walker All-In-One. I found that reading this, cover to cover, was most likely my success to passing the exam. There is so much great knowledge, and he truly keeps the book interesting to read. The exam tip notes are truly helpful, and I found the areas (of his suggestion) to focus on. Also, the provided questions from the book REALLY are similar to what you will see on the exam (some looked to be from the exam itself, even, in similarity). Again, I consistently re-read my notes at night, and writing down why I got answers wrong, in my 3-ring binder.

The final night before the exam, I quizzed myself, re-memorizing nmap flags, common port numbers, etc. Once I got to the exam and checked in, as soon as I sat down, I re-wrote all of this from memory so it was in front of me the entire exam. I found that it did not really aide me as much as the Matt Walker book said it would, but kept me consistent in my answers as a reference.

For the exam itself, it is already touched on. But it is riddled with spelling mistakes, and poorly worded English (much like my post). In fact, even one question was similar to this (as an example…):

Here is the question. Please select the best answer below:

  • Answer was not this

  • Answer truly was this

  • Both B and C

  • Answer truly was this

THIS is how it was laid out! the “-“ are representing the bubbles, and NO WHERE did it list A, B, C, or D! Just to make sure I called in the proctor, and of course was told she couldn’t help… Other then that ONE, the rest were fairly straight forward. I flagged all the questions I did not know when I answered, and when I reviewed there was only 14 flagged. So, overall, it was not bad for me.

Finally, I am terrible at writing, so forgive me if this is a shotgun blast, all over the place. About two weeks ago, I went to buy a last minute study guide for exam questions off Amazon, but only could find v9 material, nothing v10 seemed greatly reviewed. So, when I came across one v10, I purchased it. When it came, I had re-purchased the Matt Walker All-In-One! SO, very stupid mistake. But, I want to pass on the good vibes today, so I am (hoping) to find a fellow Veteran, student, or someone low income (I know this cert is expensive) and would like to gift my mistake. If you are interested in me sending this to you, for free (I’ll even pay shipping… But I will not rush delivery!) please message me. First one to message will get it.

Best of luck to all in your future studies! Onto my next cert (I am thinking CCSP, ISC2?)!

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